The  Home  Inspection

Having an inspection performed by a registered Home Inspector is a strongly recommended step in the purchase process.  While an inspection will not uncover latent (hidden) defects, there are many potential issues that an inspector can examine for you, so that you can decide whether you wish to proceed with the purchase.  Inspections typically cost between $500 and $700 and take around three hours.  You should attend the inspection as the inspector will need to explain his findings as he proceeds.  Following is a typical list of items the inspector will check.  This list is for information only and  does not replace an inspection by a home inspector

The Inspection Report will comment on whether the condition is acceptable or there are minor concerns; there is a defect that requires monitoring or maintenance; there is a recommendation for replacement with an upgraded system; or there is a major defect that must be repaired to not reduce the habitability of the space.  The report will also note if something of concern was observed that requires further analysis or could not be inspected due to lack of access, power hookup etc.

  1. Exterior cladding/siding/stucco - integrity, cracking, no wood contact with ground, no insect or plant damage, no stains
  2. Trim - integrity, no wood rot, caulked
  3. Exterior electric outlets - safety, function
  4. Walkways - cracks, direction of slope away from basement
  5. Windows - seal, condensation, frame integrity, caulked, no wood rot, rain deflectors/drip caps installed, operability
  6. Doors - operate easily, hardware condition
  7. Soffit, fascia, eavestroughs and downspouts - integrity, no drainage issues, water directed away from basement
  8. Hose bibs - type eg. frost free, no visible issues with attached plumbing
  9. Air vent covers - condition
  10. Air intake covers - condition
  11. Sump pump (if present) - condition, function
  12. Gas meter - condition
  13. Deck and steps - condition, railings safety compliance, no rot, straight
  14. Foundation parging (mortar coating) - integrity, no cracks
  15. Fence - condition, no rot or insect damage
  16. Grading (patio, walks, garden) - grading away from basement
  17. Roof shingle/shake - integrity, condition, no curling, no moss, no missing shingles
  18. Roof flashing, valleys, vents - integrity, condition, no signs of leaks, all penetrations have flashing
  19. Chimney and cap plate - condition, straight, no rust, no cracked bricks, stucco
  20. Garage doors and operation - function of opener (safety reverse),  condition of doors
  21. Garage pad - no cracks or movement
  22. Garage power - type and function of outlets
  23. Garage steps to house - safety, railing integrity
  24. Garage heater - type, condition
  25. House power supply - type, rating, grounding, bonding
  26. Main panel - adequate capacity, breakers and wiring compliance with latest code practice, no 'knob and tube' wiring, all switches and receptacles operate correctly, no aluminum circuits
  27. Plumbing - type, vent pipe condition, backwater valve, proper flow at all faucets
  28. Water heater - age, capacity, connecting piping condition, water temperature
  29. Heating system (furnace) - age, filter/ductwork/humidifier condition, a/c damper, ignition, flame sensor, high limit switch, controls, operation, flues piping integrity, no asbestos insulation, separate flues for gas and wood
  30. Air conditioner (if present) - age, condition
  31. House foundation - no cracks or movement
  32. Floor structure - type, no movement, adequate joist spacing, straight
  33. Basement foundation walls - no cracks, no moisture visible (if walls uncovered), moisture meter reading satisfactory, no musty odors
  34. Bathrooms - toilet base seal, toilet operation, electric GFCI receptacles, vent fans work and exhaust to outside, shower tiles seal, drains work properly, correct water flow
  35. Whirpool, Jacuzzi tub - operation
  36. Faucets - leaking, hookup integrity
  37. Kitchen - age, condition, operability of all appliances, exhaust fan vents to outside, GFCI protection for electric outlets within code proximity to sink, no plumbing leaks
  38. Fireplace - type, condition, operability, gasline connection, functioning damper, condition of masonry
  39. Interior walls - no leaks, no major cracks, moisture meter readings
  40. Smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarms - age, function, replacement date
  41. Attic -  proper insulation, vapor barrier, structural materials, no leaks/stains, no pests, proper ventilation



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